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Waller Industries was originally founded by Nathan Waller in August of 2017 as a New Mexico LLC. The business was originally founded to serve the construction industry with a broader focus on rapidly developing unmanned aerial systems technology and how it would help solve infrastructure challenges of the future. The first service created to address this growing challenge was “Over-Site Services”. 

In October of that same year Waller Industries head quarters was moved to Colorado. The move to Colorado was a pivotal time for The Waller Industries Team because it came with the addition of two more teammates; Mark Waller (Nathan’s Dad) and Zach Roach (Nathan’s Former Teammate). Zach brought a commercial aviation element to the team, while Mark provided the foundational business experience the team needed. Zach currently serves as The Waller Industries Chief Operations Officer and Mark currently serves as The Waller Industries Chief Human Resources Officer. 

Between 2018 and 2019 The Waller Industries team was involved with some of the earliest agricultural, energy and UAS, pilot projects. Which resulted in a unique understanding of the technology and how it could be applied within many industries. We achieved some of the most valuable insight by putting “Humans Over Hardware” and it began working. 

During 2019, as our broader understanding of our industry customers grew, so did our team. We brought Jonathan Gueffroy (Former Teammate) and Matthew Lloyd (Former Teammate) onboard to help us share the overall vision of Waller Industries. The vison that we could drastically reduce the number of veterans that are getting out and succumbing to suicide, by creating a private organization that shares the same values we all fought for. Affording spec-ops veterans the opportunity to transition from the military team room to the Waller team room. Jonathan currently serves as The Waller Industries Chief Technologies Officer and Matthew serves as The Waller Industries Chief Marketing Officer. 

“Humans over hardware”

The end of 2019 and all of 2020 brought some unique challenges that soon turned into to opportunities to help serve the nation once more. With labor shortages at an all-time low, aging infrastructure and a need to address emerging cyber security threats we got to work. Since then, we have trained, certified, and employed over 30 new unmanned aerial systems pilots; we call them “Atmospheric Technicians”. Those atmospheric technicians are actively servicing our nation’s farms, energy grids, communications networks, and unions. Providing critical operational insights, forecasting tools and training resources for our nations labor force. 

We have enjoyed building a team forged in trust and united around service, placing “Humans Over Hardware” and we are excited to share those values and expertise with our customers. Waller Industries LLC maintains the capacity to respond to emergencies, nationwide within 48 hours. 

"Protecting our nation's critical infrastructure; allowing veterans to serve”

"Humans over Hardware"